Reclassify risk of malignancy with a single blood draw

One simple draw. Two ways to help quickly and accurately decipher the risk of malignancy of a lung nodule.

Incorporate Nodify Lung® testing into your practice today


When using Biodesix Mobile Phlebotomy services, Test Request Forms can be submitted digitally. The Customer Care team takes it from there.

If you are interested in submitting online orders through the Biodesix Physician Portal, contact Customer Care at 866.432.5930 or


The Nodify Lung kit contains a Test Request Form and instructions for collecting the blood specimens with the provided collection devices. Package the signed and dated form with the specimen in the kit box and ship in the prepaid FedEx envelope included with each kit.

Nodify Lung Educational Video Series

Nodify Lung testing helps manage lung nodules in your practice

Reclassify Risk

Reclassify low to moderate risk lung nodules as high or very low risk of malignancy prior to bronchoscopy.

Clinically Validated Results

Both tests have been extensively validated to accurately distinguish benign or malignant lung nodules.

Review Nodify Lung Publications and Posters

Identify Lung Cancer Earlier

Identify patients with a higher risk of malignancy who should be prioritized for diagnostic intervention

Reduce Patient Anxiety

Identify patients with a lower risk of malignancy who can be monitored with CT surveillance

Shared Decision Making

Test results are presented as an individualized post-test risk of malignancy to support patient conversations on next steps

Billing & Reimbursement

There is no out of pocket expense for Medicaid and covered Medicare patients for Nodify Lung™ testing

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